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We offer tailor-made tours, programs, itineraries and experiences in Bulgaria and the Balkans for small groups and individuals. 

Kukeri Festivals (Masquerade Games), Winter Rituals And Traditions In Bulgaria in Winter

The months January and February (and even March) are packed with Kukeri Masquerade Games, traditional rituals, name day (or saint’s day) celebrations and other folklore traditions/rituals and festivals in Bulgaria. Here are some of the most famous and visited ones, which could be included in your cultural tour in Bulgaria: Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games in Pernik (the largest and most famous festival Masquerade Games Festival in Bulgaria); The Kukeri Parades and Festivals in Blagoevgrad and Simitli; The Kukeri Masquerade Games in the villages around Pernik; Jordanovden (Jordan’s Day); The feast day of Epiphany celebrated on 6 th January in Kalofer; Todorovden (Theodore’s Day); Petlyovden (Rooster Day); Trifon Zarezan (Wine Day) etc.

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International Bagpipe Contest in Gela, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria (31 July – 01 August 2020)

International Bagpipe Contest in Gela aims to promote the authentic Rhodopes folklore, history and traditions. The ”gaida” or bagpipe is Bulgaria’s traditional and emblematic musical instrument and it is one of the most important elements of Bulgarian local folklore.

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One Day Cultural Heritage And Sightseeing Tour From Varna To The Region of Rousse

This is a one-day sightseeing tour by car starting from Varna, Bulgaria. You will visit the following places and will stay there enough time to fully enjoy the area: The Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo – a UNESCO-protected landmark, situated on the territory of Rusenski Lom Nature Park; The Monastery of Saint Dimitar Basarbovski, a Bulgarian-orthodox cave monastery and the city of Rousse on Danube River often called the Little Vienna. The tour will start and finish at your accommodation in Varna.

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One Day Cultural Heritage and Sightseeing Tour in the Vicinity of Varna

This is a one day tour in the vicinity of Varna. You will visit Aladzha Rock Monastery, the park-museum “Vladislav Varnenchik”, the old glass production factory in Beloslav, Devnya and the Museum of Mosaics, the Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani).

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Four Days Tour Exploring The Stone Villages In The Rhodope And Pirin Mountains 

The main goal of this 4-day program is to have a closer look at the Rhodopes stone villages (and one village in Pirin) – architectural reserves where are preserved beautiful examples of architecture, typical for the age of the Bulgarian Renaissance.  These villages are vivacious and authentic, and most of the houses are preserved as they were in the past. In some of them still live lonely people or families. Some of these houses are dilapidated, but many have been sufficiently preserved to allow the visitor to see them in detail.  These villages have narrow, small stone streets, fountains, churches and other public buildings, kept in their authentic appearance, that fill the atmosphere with enchantment.  This is a natural journey in the past of Bulgaria. We will visit the villages of Dolen, Leshten, Kovachevitsa and Pirin. Additionally, we will stop in the Pomak villages of Gorno Dryanovo and Ribnovo, which though not fitting the subject, will contribute to the overall acquaintance with the area and its traditions. On the way back to Sofia / Varna we will drop in Rupite, Razlog and Yundola where we could buy authentic local products from one of the largest markets of local production in the Rhodopes.

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From Sofia To Buzludzha Monument, Shipka And Kazanlak For One Day By Car

This is a one day guided tour that takes you to the famous Buzludzha Monument, National Park-Museum Shipka and the town of Kazanlak from Sofia. You will be picked up from your accommodation/hotel in Sofia at 8 AM. At the late afternoon we will sett off back to Sofia, where we will arrive at about 20.00 pm.

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Eight Days Exploring The Remains Of The Communist Regime In Bulgaria

The aim of this program is to provide participants with opportunities to visit and photograph what remains of the communist regime in Bulgaria. The program includes the following types of subjects/places:

– Socialist industrial landscape – old, active and inactive factories and plants and their surroundings. Some of these buildings and complexes are remarkable photographical subjects placed in the context of the modern urban landscape.

– Socialist collective housing construction – half or completely destroyed old homes and public buildings with their typical large size and style.

– Socialist realism – huge public buildings, generally situated in the downtowns of big cities. This Stalinist style of architecture is not typical for Bulgaria, but some of the most impressive examples of the type can be found here. Also included in this category are the monumental sculptures and memorials, which we will visit.

We will start from Sofia, where we will see the monumental Stalinist architecture in downtown Sofia, the enormous concrete-built park – complex “The Bells” and the Museum of Socialist Art, showcasing art from the Socialist period (1944-1989). We will visit the nearby industrial towns of Pernik and Radomir, which are sort of “an open-air museum” with an exposition of massive industrial buildings. We will travel to the Buzludzha, maybe the most famous abandoned Socialist realism monument in Bulgaria. We will visit the town of Dimitrovgrad, turned into one of the most characteristic examples of the architectural transformation of Bulgaria during socialism. We will continue to the former mining town of Madzharovo and Ivaylovgrad. On our way to the Black Sea Coast we will visit Museum of Military Glory in Yambol, which displays real life conserved military equipment and aircraft that were in use during the last century; the statue of Alyosha in Burgas and the Aviation Expo near the airport of Burgas. In Varna we will visit the Park-Memorial dedicated to Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship, will have a short excursion to the Varna-Beloslav Lakes system, huge industrial area and will also visit the unique for Bulgaria Retro Museum, which includes exhibits from the period 1944-1989 (4000 square meters). On our way back to Sofia we will stop at the Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria near Shumen, will have a short sightseeing tour in Veliko Turnovo and will drive alongside Kremikovtsi – Bulgaria’s largest metalworking industrial complex.

The tour can start from Varna.

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Seven Days Exploring The Remains Of The Communist Regime In Bulgaria

During this 7 days trip you will be able to explore the Bulgarian Socialist industrial landscape, a few places with Socialist collective housing and some of the most important monuments of the Socialist realism in Bulgaria.

We will have a special sightseeing tour dedicated to the monumental Stalinist architecture in downtown Sofia, the women’s market and the industrial district around the train station. We will visit the nearby industrial towns of Pernik and Radomir, which are sort of “an open-air museums” with an exposition of massive industrial buildings – strange “monuments” to Bulgaria’s socialist industrialism of 30 years ago. We will travel to the Buzludzha, maybe the most famous abandoned Socialist realism monument in Bulgaria.

The next stop will be Dimitrovgrad, one of the most characteristic examples of the architectural transformation of Bulgaria during socialism. Then we will continue to the former mining town of Madzharovo, with its typical collective housing constructions and where we also you will enjoy the magnificent meanders and beaches of the Arda River.

We will also visit the valley of Byala reka and the extraordinary villages of Odrintsi, Mandritsa, Dolno Lukovo, Gorno Lukovo and Meden Buk, where we will have a short walk along the meanders of the river. On our way back to Sofia, we will stop at the abandoned neighbourhoods of the village of Djanka.

The tour can be done from Varna.

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Long Weekend Exploring The Eastern Rhodopes In Bulgaria

The idea is during a long weekend (4 days together with Saturday and Sunday) to visit the most interesting places in the Eastern Rhodopes. Groups can leave from Sofia or Varna, as we will first stop in the village of Mezek, to visit the famous winery producing Mezek wines. We will visit the fortress Mezek, and then we will continue to Ivaylovgrad. Before our accommodation in the hotel we will visit the tahini workshop in Ivaylovgrad, which manufactures sesame tahini using an old traditional technology. In the surroundings of Ivaylovgrad we will see villa Armira, the fortresses Lyutitsa and Rodostitsa, which we will reach by SUV and helped by a local guide. We continue to the valley of Byala Reka and the unique old sericulture houses in the villages of Odrintsi Mandritsa and Dolno Lukovo. We keep travelling towards the village of Plevun with the local dairy, where we will learn about all the processes usually developed in dairies. (depending on the season).  We will learn about the cultivation of sesame (depending on the season). We will visit the herd of Karakachan horses near the village and the small tahini workshop in the village of Kondovo (if open). Last in the program will be Perperikon and the stone mushrooms north of the village of Beli plast, and after that we travel back to Varna/Sofia.

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